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Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, it is present in almost all organs and its main function is to give support to the skin and bones.

Collagen contains 25% of all protein in the human body. It has a structural function of maintaining and sustaining the cells of our organism.

From the age of 30, there is a natural decrease in the production of collagen by the body. The consequence of this is the aging of the skin, fragility of the hair and nails and wear of the bones and joints.


Replacement of this component is necessary for the body and can be done through practical and healthy nutrition.

Intake of hydrolyzed collagen powder is considered the best form of consumption because it is a pure, concentrated and fat-free ingredient.

Studies show that the daily intake of hydrolyzed collagen brings benefits to the skin, such as improved hydration and elasticity, preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

Including GelcoPEP® in your diet routine is a practical and enjoyable way to feel good, improve your appearance and self-esteem.



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